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Enabling Tacit Knowledge Collaboration for Industrial Workers

Giving Industrial Workers Superpowers Through AI

Unprecedented in the enterprise software industry today, Tacit delivers simple, highly intuitive user experiences utilizing speech and other compelling interfaces. The Tacit UX fosters the adoption of wearables and other mobile/IIoT tools delivering value to enterprises interested in reducing downtime, improving productivity, and capturing digitized tacit knowledge.

Committed to Industrial Customers in Target Industries



Power & Utilities


Aerospace & Aviation

Supply Chain & Logistics

About Tacit

Tacit’s software solutions empower industrial workers by enabling collaboration with “Tacit Knowledge” using speech and other AI technologies.  Our solutions are hardware and OS agnostic, with a significant focus on wearables and mobile platforms.

Tacit Knowledge – The personal knowledge resident within the mind, behavior & perceptions of people. Includes skills, experiences, insight, intuition & judgment. Typically shared through discussion, stories, analogies & person-to-person interaction.

Defined by Gartner’s IT Glossary

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